Montag, 12. September 2011

Live Reportage Lago 2: Ascona's lightshow and rocking boat

For my international blog guests I chose from now on the englisch language.  

The last evening I spent with a nice young swiss friend in Ascona.
I like this little town, this place has got something mystical and magical.
People say, that's because two tectonic plates meet here. Yes, and I have got a feeling for tectonic moves... :-)

And indeed: yesterday night Ascona not disappointed me and showed us an very impressive site:
a violent thunderstorm with impressing light show and rain like a flood! Right under our noses, we sat in the front row – in the 7, my favorite bar, outsinde directly on the old harbour wall.
Ok, not directly outside, we preferred to go into this small open tunnel, the only indoor area of this location! But still in front row :-))
It is always the same: This town is wonderful and magical, in any weather!

The trip home to my appartment was about 50 minutes "drive" with my amphibious Ford C-Max through the flooded coastal roads – I've done it :-)
To come down after this ride I took a short walk down to the lake, and I can't remember, I've ever seen this lake this rough, with such waves and breakwater, just a little bit like the Atlantic!

Today in the morning the weather was sunny, the lake calm and harmless, as if nothing had happened.
On the lake, in front of my terrace, a small boat, and father and his little boy son into rocked it just for fun... :-)

So, that's live! And the point is, in which boat you are sitting and if there are really waves or if you create your own! And what kind of waves you are creating? I think, this would be the Idea for a new song!

Keep on rocking the boat, Mona Suzann Pfeil

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